Yukon Devolution Transfer Agreement

8.62 In our 2001 Report, Chapter 12, Follow-up to the Recommendations of Previous Reports, we reviewed the status of our conclusions and recommendations from the 1998 Report on the Management of Land Claims Agreements. In this follow-up, we found that the Department was in the process of developing a new monitoring system, the Contractual Commitment System, as a possible replacement for the SDOS database. During this review, the Department informed us that the contractual commitment system is not effective enough to replace the CVS database. 8.6 Once land claims are signed, good administration means focusing not only on meeting the specific obligations of the claims, but also on achieving measurable results to achieve the objectives. 8.21 With the entry into force of decentralization on 1. In April 2003, the Government of Yukon took over the management and control of most of the Canadian government`s crown lands and natural resources. Some states, such as national parks, were not part of the Devolution Agreement and continue to be operated by federal departments. Decentralization also does not affect private lands, including the private lands of the eight First Nations whose land claims have been completed. The management and control of the country of the other six First Nations was transferred to the Government of Yukon, and measures were taken to protect against the interests of third parties. 8.76 We believe that the Department did not effectively coordinate Confederation`s responsibilities to achieve results for Chapter 10 and Section 24 of the Gwich`in and Nunavut Land Claims Agreements. In addition, at the time of the audit, the Department did not have a system in place to know if other departments and authorities were in violation of any of the provisions of the agreements, nor did it intend to address this issue. YFN with concluded land claim agreements also have separate autonomy agreements, as provided for in the Final Framework Agreement. (1) The Government of Yukon is a signatory to both agreements, both of which have been ratified by federal (2) and territorial (3) legislation.

To date, the protection of Article 35 has not been extended to YFN`s autonomous powers. 8.48 Annual reports on land claim agreements are not useful in holding the federal government to account. The implementation committee for each land claims agreement must prepare annual reports and submit them to the signatories. We expected that annual reports such as this would contain useful information for stakeholders to hold claims objectives accountable. You should be able to tell the reader what works and what doesn`t. However, the agreements do not provide guidance on the content of these reports, with the exception of the Nunavut agreement`s requirement that the report contain « any concerns of any of the panel members. » 8.68 In our audits of the land claims agreement process in 1998 and again in 2001, we recommended that the Department collect and report on this information. . . .

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