The Great Barrington Agreement

And they point out that the risk of coronavirus for the elderly and frail is 1,000 times higher, with children being more exposed to the flu than Covid-19. « On one level, this statement is a statement of a number of scientific truths and, as such, is not controversial. The explanation identifies older and vulnerable people at a much greater risk of Covid-19 than the majority of the population, an established fact. I don`t think anyone denies that the disorder of education, social life and the economy has been very difficult to bear and that they particularly penalize young people, the group that suffers the least from the serious negative effects of Covid-19. We come from both the left, the right and the whole world and we have dedicated our careers to the protection of people. The current lockdown policy has devastating effects on public health in the short and long term. Among the results (to name a few) are lower vaccination rates among children, deteriorating cardiovascular disease outcomes, less cancer screening and a deterioration in mental health – which will lead to greater excess mortality in the coming years, with workers and younger members of society bearing the heaviest burden. Keeping students away from school is a grave injustice. « The authors did not point out that our ability to treat Covid19 is improving significantly due to scientific and medical breakthroughs, a point that strengthens the case for their policy by reducing the toll of the virus. Despite the huge advances in our understanding of the coronavirus and the resulting infection, we do not know that herd immunity is possible.

Natural, permanent, protective immunity to disease would be needed and we don`t know how effective or prolonged human immunity will be after infection.

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