Royal Credit Line Agreement

If you`re not sure what`s right for you, a credit specialist at RBC Royal Bank can help you choose. Make only the minimum payment3disclaimer, or pay more to reduce your credit. You can also change your payment account, payment amount, payment frequency or default date via RBC Online Banking. Most of us are very busy. Like rbc clients Sarah and Jack. And they think there`s a lot to do to juggle the expenses of everyday living. That`s why they`re happy that their RBC Kris advisor recommended getting a line of credit a few years ago. It made a big difference. Kris explained to them that a line of credit is very similar to a credit – since they have been approved for a predefined amount (or credit limit). But unlike a loan where you lend the entire amount in advance, you decide, once you`ve been approved for a line of credit, how much you use. You can use all or part of it at any time without having to apply again.

It`s also a bit like a credit card – but with a much lower interest rate and no annual fees or cash advance fees. By repaying what you borrowed on your line of credit, this amount is available for reuse. To learn more about a line of credit and whether it`s right for you, talk to your RBC advisor today. Transfer external assets to your line of credit with a lower interest rate than most credit cards. Life can be full of surprises and unexpected expenses. With a line of credit from the Royal Bank, you can be ready for anything that puts your life in your way, with access to the money available if you need it. Just borrow as often as you need, pay it off and borrow it again up to the initial amount agreed by you and your lender. If you apply for a Royal Credit Line, you can either apply for a secured or unsecured line of credit: reduce your monthly payment amount and the full interest paid2disclaimer from your account or transfer money via RBC Online Banking. RBC Credit Access Line is a securities-based line of credit offered by royal Bank of Canada, a Lender equal opportunity and a banking company of RBC Capital Markets, LLC. Subject to credit authorization.

Securities-based loans carry special risks and are not suitable for everyone. You should review the terms of the RBC Credit Access Line agreement and related disclosures and consult with your own independent tax and legal advisors on any matters you have before using the RBC Credit Access Line. . . .

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