Overleaf Agreement Meaning

The buyer hereby orders and the supplier agrees to supply the declared goods to the exclusion of other general conditions governing the contract. Any reference to the supplier`s offer, specifications, price list or similar document is intended exclusively to describe the products to be supplied and no conditions that are confirmed, delivered or covered in this contract apply. These terms are the total and exclusive agreement between you and Writelatex with respect to the Services and replace all other agreements, conditions and conditions applicable to the Services. These conditions do not confer rights on third-party beneficiaries. Writelatex`s failure to impose a provision is not a waiver of its subsequent right. If a provision is found to be unenforceable, the other provisions of the agreement will remain fully applicable and an enforceable clause will be replaced, reflecting as accurately as possible our intention. Any reference to « include » and « include » means that inclusion and general meaning and generic words are not limited, as they are followed by certain examples that the general terms are supposed to adopt. You cannot cede any of your rights under these conditions and such an attempt is null and void, but Writelatex may cede its rights to one of its affiliates or subsidiaries or to a successor in the interest of a business related to the Services. You and Writelatex are not a legal partner or agent; Instead, our relationship is the independent contractor.

(c) If, for any reason, a disclaimer in this Agreement is cancelled and we are liable for loss or damage, that liability is limited to 110% of the annual price you pay for the services under this Agreement. These terms and conditions apply to the contract. Any offer, order, acceptance, sale and/or delivery or any behavior for the confirmation of a transaction is subject to these Terms and Conditions, which are the only basis on which we process transactions, and is a priority, regardless of the printed or other terms, referred to in an order or other document you have created or on your behalf. No other agreement, insurance, commitment, commitment or agreement of any kind can supplement, amend or waive these terms and conditions unless expressly confirmed in writing by one of our directors. A contract can only be terminated with our agreement and on terms that compensate us for all losses.

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