Northern Territory Designated Area Migration Agreement (Nt Dama)

DAMA II is a five-year contract between the two jurisdictions. DAMA Northern Territory, which covers the entire territory. English-speaking concessions are available to foreign workers applying for a fixed-term TSS visa and those who, through the employment contract of the Employer Appointment Scheme (SSE) in Australia, are permanently resident in Australia. These bespoke agreements are a formal agreement between the Australian government and a specific regional territory. They enable participating regions to address their unique labour shortages by accessing an experienced foreign workforce for unskilled or skilled trades that cannot be held by Australian workers from the local labour market. If your area is interested in a DAMA, email Although, a qualification level 1 to 3 visa applicant, which fills a DAMA profession, which is not on the Australian government`s short-term qualification list, on the strategic list of medium- and long-term qualifications or on the regional list of occupations (note: the requirements for each DAMA territory may vary) include (without restriction) that the applicant: NT DAMA uses the temporary labour shortage visa employment contract (sub-class 482), companies enter into an employment contract with the Australian government and the workers then obtain a sub-category of visa 482. The RAD, in agreement with the Ministry of the Interior, has set out a number of confirmation requirements, which aim to achieve the objectives of DAMA and are political conditions that meet the objectives of the agreements. Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs Minister David Coleman said in January of this year: « The NT has seen first-hand the benefits of a destination migration agreement to address its unique labour shortages. » SA DAMA is covered by two agreements that list eligible occupations and concessions: concessions can apply to certain professions for each DAMA territory. This may include salary, work experience, English concessions, etc. Please contact us to discuss these concessions if you are an employer who wishes to sponsor DAMA or a potential visa applicant with a sponsor in a DAMA region.

While DAMA focuses on the needs of the regional economy, candidates who would be interested in DAMA are among them; The Commission on Human Rights and Human Rights was established in 1990. The Designated Areas Migration Agreement (DAMA) is a five-year agreement between the Commonwealth and the Design Area Representative (DAR), the Department for Innovation and Skills, Skilled – Business Migration. In essence, DAMA is intended for Australian companies, located in regional areas, that are unable to hold positions within their company with an Australian worker. If the skilled migration flow and DAMA are accepted, the qualified migrant may be treated preferably for temporary entry or permanent residence. Subclasses 491 and 190 visas must be designated by an Australian state or territory government such as the Government of the Northern Territory of Australia. A DAMA is a two-tiered framework that covers a defined regional territory. The first step is a five-year cross-cutting agreement with the representative of the region. The second level includes individual employment contracts with employers as part of the head agreement for this region. Some of the seven DAMA zones mentioned above allow for the naming of certain level 4 general occupations under the DAMA system – see the occupancy lists above. An Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) is a formal agreement between the Australian government and a regional, governmental or local authority.

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